What is the correct answer of given question? Of question no 17..

What is the correct answer of given question? 
Of question no 17.. 

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Grade:12th pass

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Aditya Gupta
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4 years ago
hello pushpa. we can write it as:
y= V – ½ 
so dy/dx= dV/dx
but V= (1+x)^(1/2)
so V^2= 1+x
diff both sides applying chain rule on LHS
(dV^2/dV)*dV/dx= d(1+x)/dx= 1
or 2V*dV/dx= 1
or dV/dx= dy/dx= 1/(2V)= 1/(2(1+x)^(1/2))
kindly approve :)
Saurabh Koranglekar
askIITians Faculty 10335 Points
4 years ago
Dear student

dy/dv = 1

dv/dx = 0.5*( x+1)^(-0.5)

taking product final EQUATION can be obtained


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