what is luteal phase

what is luteal phase


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Suraj Prasad IIT Patna
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9 years ago
The luteal phase is the latter phase of the menstrual cycle (in humans and a few other animals) or the earlier phase of the estrous cycle (in other placental mammals). It begins with the formation of the corpus luteum and ends in either pregnancy or luteolysis. The main hormone associated with this stage is progesterone, which is significantly higher during the luteal phase than other phases of the cycle. The opposite of the luteal phase, the rest of the four weeks, is called the follicular phase.
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9 years ago
Hello Student
Luteal Phase is the latter phase of menstrual cycle in humans and earlier phase of oestrus cycle in primates .
It starts with the formation of copus lutenum and end in pregnancy.
the main hormone used is progestrone, it secrets higher during this phase

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