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What is living , systematic, genus and species ,nomenclature, herbarium

What is living , systematic, genus and species ,nomenclature, herbarium 

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Apurva Sharma
214 Points
2 years ago
These are topics related to botany. Still answers are:
1Living: it is a state showing unique and distinctive characteristics like growth, reproduction,sensitivity, metabolic reactions, self replication, self organisation. The one exhibiting these charachteristics can be considered as living.
2.Systematics: it is the science which deals with diversity of organisms and all their comparitive and evolutionary relationship amongst them. i.e taxonomy alongwith phylogeny
3.Genus: it is a group of related species.
4.Species: a group of individuals/populations with fundamental similarities are referred to as species
5.Nomenclature:it is a system of providing diatinct and proper scientefic names to organisms.
6.Herbarium: it is a storehouse of collected plant specimens that are dried, pressed and preserved on sheets. It serves as a quick source of reference

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