What is barr body??Explain in simple language ....

What is barr body??Explain in simple language ....


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Simran Vinaik
askIITians Faculty 1230 Points
6 years ago
Dear Student
You know that males have 44+XY chromosomes and female has 44+XX chromosomes in their all cells. Female has an extra X as compared to males. So as to maintain this balance of equal expression of X chromosome in both male and female, one of the X chromosome becomes inactivated and forms a highly condensed body called as barr body.The process of X-inactivation was discovered by the British geneticist Mary F. Lyon and is sometimes called lyonization.

Remember that any of the X can get inactivated during embryonic development in females.

It is only seen in females. Number of barr bodies is equal to= no of X chromosomes -1.
In normal female it will be 1. Klinefelter syndrome person (XXY) will also have 1 barr body. XXX female will have 2 barr bodies

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