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Grade: 12
What are the functions of cytoskeleton? Please give breif explanation.
3 years ago

Answers : (5)

Umakant biswal
5359 Points
@ joe 
the cytoskeleton is a cellular skeleton meant for mechanical support . it provide an internal superstructure for the typical eukaryotic cell . 
microtubules and microfilaments help to organise the cytoplasmic structure of the cell and play key role in linking the cell membrane to internal structure and also serve as transport network for moving vescicles through the cell . 
3 years ago
733 Points
Cytoskeleton are filamantous protein networks present in the cell.The cytoskeleton determines general shape of the cell and supports specialized extensions of the cell surface like microvilli, cilia, flagella,etc.. It controls internal movements of the cytoplasm and cytoplasmic vesicles and is also involved in the assembly of new filamentous organelles (e.g. centrioles).
Hope you got the answer .
Best of luck.
3 years ago
Shivam jha
105 Points
							Cytoskeleton help the cell to maintain their original shape by forming microtubules and microfilament whih help the cell as internal support.
3 years ago
chandra prakash
23 Points
As the name implies, a cytoskeleton is the frame that gives shape to a cell. Just like in a human being, the skeleton also helps hold all of the organelles (organs, in people) in place. Finally, it also assists in moving materials in and out of the cell.

Through a series of intercellular proteins, the cytoskeleton gives a cell its shape, offers support, and facilitates movement through three main components: microfilaments, intermediate filaments, and microtubules. The cytoskeleton helps the cell move in its environment and controls the movement of all of the cell's interior workings.

Microfilaments are the smallest of the three parts of the cytoskeleton, as they are only around seven nanometers in diameter. These helically shaped filaments are made up of G-actin proteins. Intermediate filaments are slightly larger at eight to twelve nanometers around, and these keratin-based filaments are twisted around each other to form a cord shape. Microtubules are made of stronger proteins that form long, hollow cylinders. They are the largest of the three at twenty-five nanometers. 

The microtubules have three different functions which contribute to the job of the cytoskeleton. They make up the centrioles in a cell, they are the base of both the flagella and cilia of a cell, and they function as the pathway thatthe transport vesicles move along. 
2 years ago
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							Cytoskeleton helps in maintaining the shape of the cell by forming the microtubules hope this will help you
2 years ago
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