The principal function of blood vascular system in cockroach is

The principal function of blood vascular system in cockroach is


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Vasanth SR
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4 years ago
  1. It absorbs digested food from the alimentary canal and distributes it to the rest of the body.
  2. It brings nitrogenous wastes from all parts of the body to the excretory organs for their elimination.
  3. It carries defensivephagocytes to the places of infection where they engulf the germs and disintegrating tissue parts.
  4. It transports secretions of the ductless glands to the target organs.
E.Nandhini ketha
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4 years ago

Blood vascular system of cockroach is an open type (Figure). Blood vessels are poorly developed and open into space (haemocoel). Visceral organs located in the haemocoel are bathed in blood (haemolymph). The haemolymph is composed of colourless plasma and haemocytes.


Heart of cockroach consists of elongated muscular tube lying along mid dorsal line of thorax and abdomen. It is differentiated into funnel shaped chambers with ostia on either side. Blood from sinuses enter heart through ostia and is pumped anteriorly to sinuses again

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