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Sonali Rawat Grade: 12th pass
        The plant part which consists of two generation one within other?
one month ago

Answers : (3)

6807 Points
										Seed is known To have two generations . Seed is one generation  and miniature play present in seed is second generation
one month ago
G Sir Askiitians faculty
16 Points
										Hello! This Good Questions ,I hope this concept is enough for your questionThe female gemetophyte develops a jin eggs or oospore fertilized by a male gamete and develops intoa zygote (2n). The zygote develops into an embryo or new sporophyte.Theembryo (2n) is surrounded by female gemetophyte (n), the latter form seed ,Hence it prove that embryo within two generation ,Seed contain three generation. So, correct answer is embryo
one month ago
G Sir Askiitians faculty
16 Points
										All above two answer are wrong 100% correct answer : -The unfertilized ovule consists of two generations sporophytic generation (Integuments and nucleus)and gametophytic generation (megaspore) , so ovule is correct answers
one month ago
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