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the pinna of human ear a part of external this a vestigial organ?? Is not then what is the function of it

the pinna of human ear a part of external this a vestigial organ?? Is not then what is the function of it


4 Answers

Umakant biswal
5359 Points
4 years ago
@ sandeep 
yes , pinna is the vestigal organ , it donot have any function , it only gives ear a shape , nothing else , sound will generate form a source and it will move in the auditary nreves , so, pinna donot have any work in the mechanism of hearing . 
so, due to that its considered as a vestigal organ . 
24 Points
4 years ago
DEAR Sandeep Singh,
Pinna is called as external ear,It is vestigeal organ.
But exactly speaking muscles of pinna are vestigial, so we can not move the external ear pinna.
Where as in animals almost all pinna is movable to direct the sound.
In humans and all animals to converge the sound waves into middle ear.
Hope you are clarified
Kenny Toijam
56 Points
4 years ago
The Pinna is not a vestigeal organ. Actually it is the muscles of pinna which is vestigeal since we cannot move our pinna. Coming to the point, the function of pinna is to collect sound waves and pass it to the auditory canal of the ear and then to the ear drum.
dolly bhatia
200 Points
4 years ago
External ear lobe of humans is not a vestigial organ as it does the usual job of collecting and diverting sound waves towards ear-drum. Outer structure of the ear also shows some vestigial features like the node or point on helix of the ear known as Darwin’s tubercle which is found in about 10% of population.
Pinna is not a vestigial organ.
The pinna is the only visible part of the ear (the auricle) with its special helical shape. It is the first part of the ear that reacts with sound. Function of the pinna is to act as a kind of funnel which assists in directing the sound further into the ear. Without this funnel, sound waves would take a more direct route into auditory canal. This would be both difficult and wasteful as much of the sound would be lost making it harder to hear and understand the sounds.
The pinna is essential due to difference in pressure inside and outside the ear. Resistance of the air is higher inside the ear than outside because air inside the ear is compressed and thus under greater pressure.
In order for sound waves to enter the ear in best possible way, the resistance must not be too high. This is where the pinna helps by overcoming difference in pressure inside and outside the ear. The pinna functions as an intermediate link that makes the transition smoother and less brutal allowing more sound to pass into auditory canal (meatus).

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