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Syngamy results in formation of ? haploid zygote diploid zygote non-motile male gametes motile male gametes

Syngamy results in formation of ?
  1. haploid zygote
  2. diploid zygote
  3. non-motile male gametes
  4. motile male gametes

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

29 Points
3 years ago
Syngamy is the diffusion of male gametes with that of the female gametes in the plants.
At once two male gametes enter through style. One of them fuses with the polar nuclei the other one fuses with the  the egg cell. The fusion of egg cell and male gametes forms the fruit.
Here motile gamete is male which are the pollen grains while non motile is the female gamete.
Male and female gametes Botha are haploid that is they have only one set of chromosomes but after fusion
They become diploid and hence the offspring will be diploid because it is formed from 2 haploid cells.
Harsha upadhyay
77 Points
3 years ago
Syngamy means fertilisation. It means fusion of haploid male sperm and egg to give rise to diploid zygote. Which contain 23 pair of chromosome.n+n=2n
Mohd Mujtaba
131 Points
3 years ago
The answer to this question is diploid zygoteAs out of two male gametes produced which is haploid one when fuses with egg cell then it result in the formation of diploid zygote i.e., 2n Thanks☺☺☺☺☺☺😊😊

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