Q. Define Phylogenetic system of classification

Q. Define Phylogenetic system of classification


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Phylogenetic System of Classification
  • Based on evolutionary relationships between the various organisms.
  • Organism belongs to same taxa have a common ancestors.
  • Developed by Hutchinson.
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  phylogenetic(cladistic)system classification:                                                                             1.It is an evolutionary classification based on how a common ancestry was shared.           2.cladistic classification summarizes the ‘genetic distance’between all species in the       ‘phylogenetic tree’                                                                                                                           3.In cladistic classification characteres such as analogous and homologous characters are taken into consideration.                                                                                                                 4.ex.for analogous characters:-wings in sparrows and patagia in flying squirrels.                            ex.for homologous characters:-wings of sparrows and finches.                                                 5.ernst haeckel introduced the method of representing phylogeny by ‘trees’or ‘branching diagrams’.

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