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Primary oocyte after ovulation, get arrested at Metaphse-II?

 Primary oocyte after ovulation, get arrested at Metaphse-II?

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

Mahima Kanawat
1010 Points
3 years ago
Dear student... This statement is false. The primary oocytes become arrested in the diplotene stage of prophase I.... WITH REGARDS, MAHIMA (ASKIITIANS FORUM EXPERT)
silky srivastava
16 Points
3 years ago
Dear student,Primary oocyte gets arrested at diplotene stage of prophase 1before birth itself i.e. when the female child is inside the mother`s womb. After birth when the female attains puberty, the primary oocyte starts developing and completes its meiosis 1 and develops into secondary oocyte which gets arrested at metaphase II before ovulation . After ovulation, the secondary oocyte ( now called ovum) will complete its meiosis II only if it comes in contact with a sperm otherwise it will get degenerated without completing meiosis II and flow out along with the menstrual fluid.Hpoe it helps!!

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