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Please explain about phylum porifera?Give main points? And give examples of this phylum?

Please explain about phylum porifera?Give main points? And give examples of this phylum?


2 Answers

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2 years ago

General characteristics of Phylum Porifera

  1. Kingdom: Animalia
  2. Habitat: Aquatic, mostly marine, few are terrestrial
  3. Habit: They are solitary or colonial.
  4. Grade of organization: cellular grade of body
  5. Shape: Body shape is variable, mostly cylinder shaped
  6. Symmetry: Asymmetrical or radially symmetrical.
  7. Germ layer: Diploblastic animals. The adult body wall contains two layers, outer dermal layer and inner gastral layer. In between these two layers, there is a gelatinous and non-cellular mesoglea containing numerous free amoeboid cells.
  8. Coelom: Absent; acoelomate but spongocoel is present
  9. Surface of the body has numerous perforation called ostia (for the entry of water) and a large pore at the apex called osculum (for the exit of water).
  10. Water canal system present
  11. Endoskeleton: Either calcareous spicules (calcium carbonate) or siliceous spicules (silica) or sponging fibers (protein).
  12. Nutrition: holozoic
  13. Digestion: Intracellular
  14. Nervous system: absent
  15. Circulatory system: absent
  16. Reproduction:
  • Asexual: by budding or gemmule or regeneration
  • Sexual: gamatic fusion
  1. Fertilization: Internal
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2 years ago
Phylum porifera :
It is commonly known as sponges.
It has spores in the body.
It has water transport system - the water enters through ostia and it comes out through oscullum.
Nervous system is absent.
Cellular level of organisation.
Mostly aquatic.
Examples : bath sponge

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