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My question is in the attached image... plzz plzz answer the question. I need it . Very important for me

My question is in the attached image... plzz plzz answer the question. I need it . Very important for me

Question Image

2 Answers

Simran Vinaik
askIITians Faculty 1231 Points
3 years ago
There are numerous number ofspecieson Earth. Although species can be very different from each other, many have similarities that allow us to put them into groups.This is called as classification. The purpose of biological classification is to organise the vast number of known species into categories that could be studied easily. Biologival classification was first proposed by Aristotle.

Two Kingdom classification was given by Carolus Linnaeus( Father of taxonomy). He grouped plants and animals into Kingdom Plantae and Kingdom animalia respectively.
18 Points
3 years ago
There are millions of species of living organisms on the planet Earth and it is very difficult to study the features of these organisms one by one.So in order to make this study easy scientists put forward the idea/procedure of classification. Classification is defined as the procedure in/by which similar organisms are kept together in same groups and dissimilar organisms are put in different groups .Since it deals with living organisms it is also known as biological classification. Carolus Linnaeus is known as father of taxonomy. Different biologist`s classified organisms in different ways . Carolus Linnaeus classified organisms into Kingdoms in 1758 . He classified them into two kingdoms viz.Kingdom plantae and kingdom animalia .In kingdom plantae he put plants and plant-like organisms e.g Bacteria , fungi, algae,slime moulds,flowering plants, gymnosperm, ferns,mosses,and lichens.In kingdom animalia he put animals and animal-like organisms e.g protozoa, sponges,worms,insects,molluscs,jelly fishes, fishes,frogs,snakes,birds, and mammals.

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