list the difference between cortisone and adrenaline?

list the difference between cortisone and adrenaline?


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Aabid Hussain
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5 years ago
Hi Soumya,

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Adrenaline and cortisol havebeenconfused with each other most probably because they come from one source the ‘Adrenal glands’. When you observe in details, it shows some differences.Adrenaline has been known as one of the most popular hormones because of its effect on the body. A sudden surge in the amount of adrenaline would mean that you are undergoing a period of fight-or-flight.

Cortisol is another hormone, particularly a corticosteroid, produced by the adrenal gland gradually throughout the day. It is another stress hormone like adrenaline which is generated more in times of stressful situations like the fight-or-flight response. It has many therapeutic effects in the body like its effect on the liver to hasten the removal of unwanted body toxins.

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