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in a type of apromixis known as adventive embryony, embryos develo d irectly from the endosperm nucellus or integuments synergids antipodals

in a type of apromixis known as adventive embryony, embryos develo directly from the
  1. endosperm
  2. nucellus or integuments
  3. synergids
  4. antipodals


2 Answers

askIITians Faculty 164 Points
6 years ago
Hello Student
Correct answer is 2. Nucellus and Integument Tissue
Agamospermy :-Theasexualformationofembryosandseedswithouttheoccurrenceoffertilization occurs mainly in two forms
1) Gametophytic Apomixis : – The embryo arises from an unfertilized egg cell in a gametophytic that was produced from a cell that did not complete meiosis.
2) Adventitious Embryony : – An embryo is formed directly from nucellus or integument tissue.
Raheema Javed
156 Points
6 years ago
The correct answer is (2) nucellus or integument.

In adventitious embryony (sporophytic apomixis), an embryo is formed directly (not from a gametophyte) from nucellus or integument tissue

The nucellus (plural: nucelli) is part of the inner structure of the ovule, forming a layer of diploid (sporophytic) cells immediately inside the integuments. It is structurally and functionally equivalent to the megasporangium.

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