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How important is the presence of air bladder in pisces

How important is the presence of air bladder in pisces


6 Answers

Aabid Hussain
askIITians Faculty 571 Points
3 years ago

The presence of bladder helps in maintaining buoyancy in the water.
mukul chandrakar
35 Points
3 years ago
air bladder provide them a buoyant force thus they doesn`t have to swim constantly to avoid sinking .
Mohammed Imran
28 Points
3 years ago
If we compare cartilaginous fishes and Bing fishes Cartilaginous fishes don`t have air bladder or swim bladder so they have to swim continuously otherwise they would sink . Incase of bony fishes they have swim bladder or air bladder so they don`t have to swim continuously(Air bladder - buoyancy )
Harsha upadhyay
77 Points
3 years ago
Bony fishes have air bladder to provide them buoyancy othetwise they would sink in water. ....................
janvi shastri
45 Points
3 years ago
HelloGas bladder or air bladder is a gas filled sacpresent in fishes. It helps in maintaining buoyancy. Thus it helps fishes(pisces) to ascend and descend and stay in water current. Good luck and hope you understand.
Radha Shukla
178 Points
3 years ago
If Pisces have air bladder they donnot need to swim continuously but in absence of bladder they you have to swim it helps in maintaining buoyancy.

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