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How do penial setae help in copulation in roundworms??

How do penial setae help in copulation in roundworms??

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

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one year ago
The cloacal opening is associated with a pair of curved chitinoid spicules called penial setae, each of which is provided with a muscular penial sac. The spicules are cuticular structures which serve to open the female genital pore during copulation and help in the transference of sperms.
Vikas TU
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one year ago
Dear student 
The male repro­ductive organs are unpaired, monodelphic and lie in the posterior half of the body. The testis is a long and single thread like structure occupying the anterior part of pseudocoel. Presence of a single testis produces a condition known as Monorchic
Male is smaller
The posterior aperture is cloacal aperture into which digestive and genital tubes open. A pair of curved chitinoid rods or copulatory spicules or pineal spicules protrude beyond the cloacal aperture.
The tail-end is curved ventrally in the form of a hook with a conical tip.
No vulval aperture in the mid-ventral line, one third from the anterior end.

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