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how did ancient man came to knew about reproduction and it’s steps?

how did ancient man came to knew about reproduction and it’s steps?


1 Answers

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one year ago

Here are some points / hypotheses that try to answer it :


One of the greatest neuroscientists of all time, Sigmund Freud, tried to explain the origin of attraction for opposite sex, which led us to reproduce with that partner.

When we are small kids of about 5–6 years of age, our brain develops The Oedipal Complex - a kind of bonding with the opposite gender. Since it is mostly our Mom or Dad that we are familiar with at that age, our brain creates attraction for the opposite parent.

This is why you have ancient literature & mythology showing relationships & marriages between Mom - Son or Father - Daughter.

But as we evolved & aged, our brain learnt that it was inappropriate & tried to find out other partners.


Every species has a knowledge about its way of reproduction. Which it knows by REPRODUCTIVE INSTINCT - that Sex leads to Babies and continuity of species. It’s sort of coded in our DNA. The humans who didn’t have that Coded Instinct were ruled out by Natural selection. The ones that exist today have that trait.


Another group of Anthropologists believe that this knowledge was gained by watching Animals Reproduce and that, that it led to Babies after some time. And were encouraged to do the same

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