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Give two examples of evolution by anthropogenic action?

Give two examples of evolution by anthropogenic action?


2 Answers

Simran Vinaik
askIITians Faculty 1231 Points
2 years ago

Effect of anthropogenic actions on organic evolutions.

(i) Industial melanism: It was due to smoke and soot coming out of man made industries which caused a shift from white-winged moths on trees to dark winged or melanised moths.

Prior to industrialisation white coloured lichens covered the bark of trees which was favourable for white winged moths.

(ii) Use of herbicides and pesticides has resulted in selection of resistant varieties in very short time scale. Also development of microbes resistant to antibiotics in period of months is due to anthropogenic actions.
25763 Points
2 years ago
Examples to show evolution due to anthropogenic action are as follows.
1. Industrial melanism: Before industrialisation, white coloured moth were more due to camoflague with the lichen covered white bark of tree. The dark coloured moth were vulnerable because they could not hide themselves from predators. After industrialisation, situation reversed because of deposition of soot on the bark of tree and death of lichen. Now dark coloured moth were able to hide them in dark background and white moths became vulnerable.
2. Overuse of DDT, to kill mosquitoes had ultimately resulted into evolution of resistant variety of mosquito towards DDT.
3. overuse of antibiotics have resulted into evolution of resistant variety of bacteria.
4. Overuse of weedicides and pesticides have resulted into evolution of resistant variety of weeds and pests respectively.
5. Moreover according to some scientists, diversification and evolution of Various types of finches from one common ancestor in Galapagos island found by Darwin may be result of anthropogenic action.

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