Give some names of calcium dependent adhesion molecules?Also please explain about some of them.

Give some names of calcium dependent adhesion molecules?Also please explain about some of them.


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Dr.Adam Shaik
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6 years ago
Hai Divya pandey,

The protein Calmodulin is an calcium dependent binding substance found in the endoplasmic reticulum of muscle cells and blood clotting mechanism.
Similarly inositol-tri-phosphate (IP3) is an secondary messenger making the calciu levels increased in the cell cytoplasm during Homonal secretions.
You can find thhis in the Hormones chapter
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6 years ago
Hi ! Divya ,
          The name of some calcium dependent adhesion molecules are ;
 (i)Integrins-one of the major classes of receptor within the ECM.Integrin provide essential link between the extracellular environment .
 (ii)cadherins-The cadherin are homophilic ca2+ dependent glycoprotein.
 (iii)selectins-The selectin are the family of heterophilic cell adhesion molecules that bind fucosylated carbohydrates.
 Hope it’s helps you, 
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Cadherins, integrins and selectins are calcium-dependent adhesion molecules.
They are transmembrane proteins, with five heavily glycosylated external domains. They are being the primary cause for strong general intercellular adhesion, and they are also being the components of some specialized adhesive contacts, and are attached by linker proteins  at their cytoplasmic ends to the
underlying cytoskeletal fibres . Different cell types possess different members of the
cadherin family, e.g.  E-cadherins in epithelia, P-cadherins in the placenta, and N-cadherins in nervous tissue.
They are glycoproteins which mainly mediate adhesion between cells and extracellular matrix components such as  collagen, laminin, fibronectin. They integrate interactions between the matrix and the cell cytoskeleton to which they are linked, and so facilitate cell migration within the matrix. An integrin molecule is formed of two subunits (α and β).
 They are transmembrane lectin glycoproteins that can bind with low affinity to the carbohydrate groups on other cell surfaces to permit movement between the two, e.g. the rolling adhesion of leukocytes on the walls of blood vessels . They function cooperatively in sequence with integrins, which strengthen the selectin adhesion.They are found on WBCs, platelets and vascular endothelial cells.
Hope you understand my answer.

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