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Grade: 12


G i v e c h a r a c t e r s o f c l a s s mammalia.

G  i  v  e  c h a r a c  t e r s   o  f    c l  a  s  s mammalia.

5 months ago

Answers : (1)

Rituraj Tiwari
askIITians Faculty
1789 Points
							General characteristics of class mammalia:
These animals are warm blooded, hairy and have mammary or milk producing glands, (mammary glands). They are the only animals which nourish their young ones with milk.
They are homoiothermous (warm blooded).
Oil glands (sebaceous glands) and sweat glands (sudoriferous glands) are present in the skin.
Teeth are of different types (heterodont) and are embedded in the sockets of jaws (the codont).
The heart is four chambered.
5 months ago
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