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Grade: 12
        Fruit color in squash is an eg of dominant episatasis. What doe this mean
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Aabid Hussain
askIITians Faculty
571 Points
							Hi Nihala,
Thank you for asking

As we know that this is the case of dominant epistasis. So, the ratio will be 12:3:1 rather than the normal 9:3:3:1.

An example of dominant epistasis may be seen in the fruit color of summer squash, which has three common fruit colors: white, yellow, and green. In crosses of white and yellow and of white and green, white is always expressed.
In crosses of yellow and green, yellow is expressed. Yellow thus is recessive to white, but dominant to green.
Consider two genes, each with a pair of alleles: W/w and Y/y. In squashes that are W/– in genotype, the fruit is white no matter what genotype is at the other locus. In
w/w plants, the fruit is yellow if a dominant allele of the other locus is present, but green if it is absent. In other words, W/– Y/– and W/– y/y plants have white fruits, w/w Y/– plants have yellow fruits, and w/w y/y plants have green fruits. The F2 progeny of an F1 self of doubly heterozygous individuals shows a ratio of 12 white : 3 yellow : 1 green fruits in the plants.
3 years ago
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