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erythropoiesis starts in which organ red bone marrow liver kidney thymus

erythropoiesis starts in which organ 
  1. red bone marrow
  2. liver
  3. kidney
  4. thymus

Grade:12th pass

4 Answers

733 Points
5 years ago
The correct answer is erythropoiesis starts in red bone marrow.
Please approve if my answer is correct.
abhisek chhetri
19 Points
4 years ago
The correct answer is liver because erythropoiesis first start in yolk sac in embryo and and it takes place in liver after birth and after attaining some maturity it takes place in red bone marrow.
Vishakha kumari
13 Points
4 years ago
Erythropoiesis starts in liver so liver is the right answer in aipmt too this question is frequently asked several times so liver is the right answer
Nishi thakkar
13 Points
3 years ago
Foetus----- erythropoiesis----liver 
Adult---- erythropiesis----red bone marrow .
So, it starts in liver

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