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Grade: 12
Discuss the immune system of the body with neat labeled diagram.
one year ago

Answers : (1)

Simran Vinaik
askIITians Faculty
1231 Points
							Immune system recognise the foreign antigen, responds to them and remember them.
In Our Body Immune System consist of : –
  • Lymphoid organs
  • Lymphoid tissue
  • T and B- cells and
  • Antibodies.
Primari lymphoid organs are bone marrow and thymus located near below breast bone. Secondary lymphoid organs are spleen, tonsil, lymph nodes etc. These secondary lymhoid are the areas where antigen are recognized by antibody and other lymphocytes.
Bone marrow is main lymphoid organ as all blood cell including lymphocytes are produced here. In thymus gland the T cells ( a kind of immune cell) maturation takes place.
Immune system also produces memory cells which keeps a memory of the foreign antigen so that the body can produce highly aggravated response when the next encounter with the same antigen occurs.

one year ago
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