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Define protoplasmic grade of organisation in protozoans

Define protoplasmic grade of organisation in protozoans

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

114 Points
3 years ago
Protozoans means protistans means unicellular eukaryotes.Since they are unicellular organisms they exhibit protoplasmic level of organisations that is all the necessary life support in functions are carried out by the single cell in its cytoplasm and nucleoplasm that is protoplasm.
Tirtha Shah
30 Points
one year ago
protoplasmic grade of organization in protozoans is lowest level of organization that occurs in protozoa where all the life activities are confined withion the boundaries of single cell which is structural and functional unit of life.
Kanishka simgh
13 Points
one year ago
In protoplasmic grade of organisation , body consists of mass of protoplasm.
All activities are performed by different cell organelles and are confined within the limit of plasma membrane .e.g.protozoa

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