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define coeloms.write the names of differentbtypes of coeloms &explain

define coeloms.write the names of differentbtypes of coeloms &explain


1 Answers

Raheema Javed
156 Points
5 years ago
Coelom is the cavity that is present between body wall and the alimentary canal.
There are three types of animal on the basis of type of coelom present in them:
Coelomate animals orCoelomata (also known as eucoelomates — "true coelom") have a fluid filled body cavity called acoelom with a complete lining called peritoneum derived from mesoderm (one of the three primary tissue layers). The complete mesoderm lining allows organs to be attached to each other so that they can be suspended in a particular order while still being able to move freely within the cavity. Most bilateral animals, including all the vertebrates, are coelomates.

Pseudocoelomateanimals have a pseudocoelom (literally “false cavity”), which is a fully functional body cavity. Tissue derived from mesoderm only partly lines the fluid filled body cavity of these animals. Thus, although organs are held in place loosely, they are not as well organized as in a coelomate. All pseudocoelomates are protostomes; however, not all protostomes are pseudocoelomates. An example of a Pseudocoelomate is the roundworm. Pseudocoelomate animals are also referred to as Hemocoel and Blastocoelomate.

Acoelomate animals, like flatworms, have no body cavity at all. Semi-solid mesodermal tissues between the gut and body wall hold their organs in place.

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