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Compare the use of manure and fertilizers in maintaining soil fertility.

 Compare the use of manure and fertilizers in maintaining soil fertility.

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Harshit Singh
askIITians Faculty 5964 Points
4 months ago
Dear Student

Effects of using manures on soil quality:
(i) The manures enrich the soil with nutrients.
(ii) They provide a lot of organic matter (humus) to the soil and thus restores water retention capacity of sandy soils and drainage in clayey soil.
(iii) The addition of manures reduces soil erosion.
(iv) They provide food for soil organisms, like soil friendly bacteria.
Effects of using fertilizers on soil quality:
(i) By the continuous use of fertilizers, the soil becomes powdery, dry and rate of soil erosion increases.
(ii) By the use of fertilizers, the organic matter decreases which further decreases the porosity of soil and the plant roots do not get oxygen properly.
(iii) The nature of soil changes to acidic or basic.


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