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Grade: 12th pass
Coiling of chromatids in mitotic and meiotic division is
  1. paranemic in both
  2. plectonemic in both
  3. Paranemic in mitosis and plectonemic in meiosis
  4. Plectonemic in mitosis and paranemic in meiosis
Explain all the terms.
6 months ago

Answers : (2)

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Chromosomes are visible only during cell division. Rest of the time, DNA is present as uncoiled chromatin material. Coiling of chromatin material during cell division may either be plectonemic (compact) or paranemic (loose).
Hence option D is correct.
6 months ago
Vikas TU
11137 Points
Der student 
It is also called indirect cell division or somadtic cell division or equational division. In this, mature somatic cell divides in such a way that chromosomes number is kept constant in daughter cells equal to those in parent cell, so the daughter cells are quantitatively as well as qualitatively similar to the parental cell. So it is called equational division,
In mitosis, plectonemic coiling takes place, in which sister chromatids are tightly coiled upon each other and are not easily separable. Paranemic coiling found in meiosis.
D is correct , 
Hope this will help 
6 months ago
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