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anemophilous flower have small, smooth stigma coloured flowers sessile stigma large feathery stigma

anemophilous flower have
  1. small, smooth stigma
  2. coloured flowers
  3. sessile stigma
  4. large feathery stigma

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Apoorva Arora IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 181 Points
6 years ago
Anemophilouspollengrains are light and non-sticky, so that they can be transported by air currents. They are typically 20–60 micrometres (0.0008–0.0024in) in diameter, although the pollen grains ofPinusspecies can be much larger and much less dense.Anemophilous plants possess well-exposedstamensso that the pollens are exposed to wind currents and also have large and feathery stigma to easily trap airborne pollen grains. Pollen from anemophilous plants tends to be smaller and lighter than pollen fromentomophilous(insect-pollinated) ones, with very low nutritional value to insects. However, insects sometimes gather pollen from staminate anemophilous flowers at times when higher-proteinpollens from entomophilous flowers are scarce. Anemophilous pollens may also be inadvertently captured bybees'electrostaticfield. This may explain why, though bees are not observed to visitragweedflowers, its pollen is often foundinhoneymade during the ragweed floral bloom. Other flowers that are generally anemophilous are observed to be actively worked by bees, with solitary bees often visitinggrassflowers, and the largerhoneybeesandbumblebeesfrequently gathering pollen fromcorntassels and other grains.

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