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Grade: 12th pass
Algae is characterized by:
A. Thalliod plant only
B. Pyrenoid
C. Aquatic habitat
D. Unicelled sex organ
9 months ago

Answers : (2)

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Algae are chlorophyll-bearing, simple, thalloid, autotrophic and largely aquatic (both fresh water and marine) organisms. They have unicellular and non-jacketed sex organs. Most of the members have one or more storage bodies called pyrenoids located in the chloroplasts
9 months ago
Vikas TU
11138 Points
Dear student 
Prescott, G. W. (1969) defined algae as those chlorophyll-bearing organisms (and their colourless relatives) which are thalloid, i.e., having no true roots, stems and leaves or leaf-like organs.
Pyrenoids are sub-cellular micro-compartments found in chloroplasts of many algae, and in a single group of land plants, the hornworts. Pyrenoids are associated with the operation of a carbon-concentrating mechanism (CCM).
The majority of algae live in aquatic habitats  Yet, the word "aquatic" is almost limited in its ability to encompass the diversity of these habitats. These organisms can thrive in freshwater lakes or in saltwater oceans
And it is also characterised by Unicelled sex organ.
9 months ago
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