why was prism equation discovered ???????? who the hell

why was prism equation discovered ???????? who the hell


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6 years ago
Hi Krishna.
who derived the prisim equation is a tough question.
but why ? because had it been a glass slab it usally shifts a little due to change in refractive index and then when the ray comes out, it is prallel to the inital incident light ray.
but here, in the case of prisim, the light ray that bends arent parallel to each other, due to the shape of the prisim, the ray gets incident a point when retraced back. that we derived a equation for the prisim, to help us solve problems.
main use : to find refractive index of the prism glass (usually 1.5 but can chnage wrt the material used eg-crown glass )
prism also helps us in fidning the compostion of white light.
so be angry on whoever found out, because if he hadent, then out life would be more harder during exams to find the refractive index of a prism :p ;)
hope this helps to clear all your doubt....

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