state hyugens principle

state hyugens principle


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7 years ago
All points on a wave front can be consider as point sources for the production of spherical secondary wavelets. After a time t the new  position of a wavefront is the surface tangent to these secondary wavelets.
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7 years ago
Huygens's Principle states that every point on a wavefront is a source of wavelets, which spread forward at the same speed.
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7 years ago
the principle that all points on a wave front of light are sources of secondary waves and that surfaces tangential to these waves define the position of the wave front at any point in time. Origin of Huygens principle Expand.
E.Nandhini ketha
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4 years ago
 that every point on a wavefront is a source of wavelets. These wavelets spread out in the forward direction, at the same speed as the source wave. The new wavefront is a line tangent to all of the wavelets.

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