Please answer this prism question ( geometrical optics)

Please answer this prism question ( geometrical optics) 

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5 years ago
Dear Manish
assuming the angle is small( which is the case in present scenario) we can writeif the convergence point is situated at x in focul plane(x/f)=angle the rays make with principal axisx=f*dx=(R/2)*dx=(20/2)*0.9*pi/180x=0.15707 cmx=1.57 mm (rounded off)179-1735_concave mirror.jpgthe parallel beam will be deviated by the small angle prism by d=(u-1)A = (1.5-1)*1.8=0.9 degrees= 0.9*pi/180now this beam will also be parallel and will be incident on the concave mirror at an small angle to the principal axis and after reflection will be focused at a point in the focul plane FF`
Hope it helps
Arun (askIITians forum expert)

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