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Interference is time independent but position dependent.. can anyone explain physical meaning of this..??

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

vinay AskiitiansExpert-IITD
34 Points

Dear vibhor,

 Take example of young's double slit experiment, we see fringes on screen which are stationary i.e. they are not moving or changing with time but if we look at  the screen we see different intensities at different points on screen i.e. changing with respect to space. So from here we conclude that at a fixed position on screen the intensity at that point does not varies with time but at a fixed instant of time intensity varies as we see across the screen, hence it is time independent but position dependent.

Also what pattern you are seeing now you will also see at some later time may be 5 min. later 1 year later so it is time independent but if we change the position we are observing the observation about intensity will surely change 



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7 years ago
Arjit Srivastava
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Hi Vibhor,

Actually, one of the condition for sustainable interference is that the two waves should have constant phase difference with respect to time. At the same time, the phase difference can vary with respect to the path difference. And that makes it clear that interference is actually time independent since the two waves would actually be having constant phase difference with respect to time!

I hope it clears the slight doubt in your mind!

7 years ago
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