What is scaler quantity and what is vector quantity

What is scaler quantity and what is vector quantity


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Aditya Gupta
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3 years ago
scalar qtyIt is a quantity that exhibits magnitude or size only, i.e. it is defined by a numerical value, along with a measurement unit. For example, Speed of the car, body temperature, distance between two locations, etc.
vector qty: A mathematical quantity that needs two independent characteristics to describe it completely, i.e. magnitude and direction. Here magnitude represents the size of the quantity which is also its absolute value, while direction represents the orientation in 3d space. For example, Displacement between two points, velocity and acceleration of a moving body, force, weight, etc. further, it should also follow the triangle law of vector addition.
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A scalar quantity is a one dimensional measurement of a quantity, like temperature, or mass.  A vector has more than one number associated with it.   A simple example is velocity.  It has a magnitude, called speed, as well as a direction, like North or Southwest or 10 degrees west of North.  You can have more that two numbers associated with a vector.  For example you can add a height dimension to velocity and say, for example, ' I am going uphill at a 5 degree slope in the Northeast direction'.    Vectors are frequently broken down into their components along an orthogonal coordinate system, like the x and y axes.   So you can say the y-component of my speed is 3 km/sec and the x-component of my speed is 4 km/sec.   The magnitude, or speed is the square root of the sum of the individual components, 5 in this case.  The direction with respect to the x-axis would be given by the arctangent of V/ Vx or 36.9 degrees.

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