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Grade: 12
3 years ago

Answers : (3)

Utkarsh Somvanshi
26 Points
							It is an imaginary force taken for the purpose to solve the questions...acting opposite to the direction of acceleration in the inertial frame of refrence
3 years ago
Umakant biswal
5349 Points
 @ piyush 
what u need to understand is that pseudo force is not actually a force , it will be incorrect if u will say pseudo force a force . 
it is just a mathematical concept to deal with the problems in classical mechanics more efficiently . 
it is used in problems of non inertial frame . 
in short , u can say its a way to analyse and solve a problem . 
and as its a false force , so, it is called as pseudo force . 
3 years ago
dolly bhatia
54 Points
Pseudo-force is a term used when defining behavior of non-inertial frames of reference, where applying this concept may simplify calculations by reducing them to Newtonian physics.
More generally, a pseudo-force is any effect which to Newton would seem like being mediated by a force (i.e. changing an object’s velocity or trajectory) which is understood as only an apparent ‘illusion’, caused by some other more fundamental process or force.
Examples are the centrifugal force or Coriolis effect. Concept of centrifugal force is intuitive enough for anyone who has used those devices for drying one’s salad ingredients. Water flies away from circular recipient. But, what really happens is that water simply follows Newton’s first law, it tries to keep a straight line motion. The Coriolis effect is an apparent curved path for some observers of an object is actually moving in a straight path.
Pseudo force is also called fictitious force. A fictitious force arises when a frame of reference is accelerating compared to a non-accelerating frame. For example, if we consider a person standing at a bus stop watching an accelerating car, he infers that a force is exerted on car and it is accelerating. Here, there is no problem and pseudo-force concept is not required. But, if person inside accelerating car is looking at the person standing at bus stop, he finds that the person is accelerating with respect to the car, though no force is acting on it. Concept of pseudo force is required to convert non-inertial frame of reference to an equivalent inertial frame of reference. Another example: Consider a ball hung from roof of a train by means of inextensible string. If the train is at rest or is moving with uniform speed in straight line, string will be vertical. A passenger will infer that net force acting on the ball is zero. If the train begins to accelerate, then string will be making an angle with respect to the vertical. For the passenger, there are only two forces and they are not collinear. But, ball remains apparently in a state of equilibrium as long as acceleration of train is constant. Here, concept of pseudo force is required. Pseudo force to be applied is equal to mass of body under consideration multiplied by acceleration of frame of reference and direction of pseudo force is opposite to direction of acceleration of the frame.  
3 years ago
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