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Ritu Ponda Grade: 12th pass
        How we got different values of a and v  on using different values of X. Have not understood steps
one year ago

Answers : (1)

Suraj Singh
148 Points
										Hy ritu.. 1st of all dont take physics as a set of eqautions...  It is much different than that..  An SHM should be thought in mind while thinking it..  At x=0 when the body is at centre then it`s velocity is maximum, and the maximum velocity is Aw,  and it`s acceleration is 0 hence its force is 0.. And when x=a, where a is its amplitude, it`s acceleration is maximum and it`s velocity is 0...  U can imagine it just like a simple pendulum..  Hope U like it..
one year ago
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