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Grade: 9
Hi, I was a bit stuck on this problem and would like to purchase your services if you help me out. A simple pendulum consisting of a mass M hangs from a string. When set in motion its period is T. The same pendulum is now placed so it swings back and forth on the surface of a frictionless incline as shown at the right in the diagram. If the angle between the incline and the vertical is 30, the period of the motion will now be closest to which of the following?
A. 0.5 T
B. T
C. 1.1 T
D. 2 T
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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Dear student
There is no figure attached. Please check and repost this.
I will be happy to help you.
Arun (askIITians forum expert)
one year ago
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