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what are the applications of photoelectric effect please give me with proper reasons?

what are the applications of photoelectric effect please give me with proper reasons?


1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 747 Points
6 years ago
Thephotoelectric effectis the observation that manymetalsemitelectronswhenlightshines upon them. Electrons emitted in this manner can be calledphotoelectrons. The phenomenon is commonly studied inelectronicphysics, as well as in fields ofchemistry, such asquantum chemistryorelectrochemistry.
The photoelectric effect refers to theemission, or ejection, of electrons from the surface of, generally, a metalin response to incident light.

Energy contained within the incident light is absorbed by electrons within the metal, giving the electrons sufficient energy to be 'knocked' out of, that is, emitted from, the surface of the metal.

Using the classical Maxwell wave theory of light, the more intense the incident light the greater the energy with which the electrons should be ejected from the metal. That is, the average energy carried by an ejected (photoelectric) electron should increase with the intensity of the incident light.
The photoelectric effect is when and electron is ejected by the energy from a proton.

or alternatively you can say when an electron is ejected from a material (metal) because it has absorbed light (a form of electrmagnetic radiation) but it just means the same thing =]

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