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lakhan singla Grade: 12

sir i want to ask if a source of sound of frequecy 600 hz is placed inside water where speed of sound in 1500m/s.then frequency of sound recorded by observer standing in air?given speed of sound in air is 300m/s

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Pratham Ashish
17 Points
										hi lakhan,
 ur question is very straight forward ,here u just hav to learn a fact that if the source of any sound is same then its frequency will remain constant as frequency depends on source not on medium in which source is in this question since sound producing body is in water n observer is in air so it is immaterial to think of any change in frequency recorded by observer standing in air as frequency only depends on source, but ya its speed will change n also its wavelength will change that frequency remain constant.....
    f = v/lamda......(lamda is wavelength)
so this ratio will remain same untill sourcq is same......

with regards
askiitianexpert pratham

8 years ago
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