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ronit bhatiya Grade: 12

Hi Ravi,

Now can you please Explain through the use of diffraction How a laser beam Propagate?


8 years ago

Answers : (2)

ravi pratap
12 Points

Hi Ronit,

May be the following can be helpful for you,





The way in which the profile of a laser beam changes as it propagates is determined by diffraction. The output mirror of the laser is an aperture, and the subsequent beam shape is determined by that aperture. Hence, the smaller the output beam, the quicker it diverges. Diode lasers have much greater divergence than He-Ne lasers for this reason.

Paradoxically, it is possible to reduce the divergence of a laser beam by first expanding it with one convex lens, and then collimating it with a second convex lens whose focal point is coincident with that of the first lens. The resulting beam has a larger aperture, and hence a lower diverge




8 years ago
ravi pratap
12 Points


8 years ago
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