cAn waveor partical velositi are different?

cAn waveor partical velositi are different?


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13 years ago

Dear Neeraj

yes they can be different

A wave velocity is the velocity of energy moving through a medium and particle velocity is the velocity of a particle (mass) through a medium. The particle velocity will produce a wave velocity, either longitudinal or traverse, i.e. sound waves or vibrations of a taut string. 
Consider a string tied at one end and you are moving the other end in your hand. If you carefully observe, the wave is traveling through the rope to the tied end. But, the particles, which constitute the rope move only in up and down direction. They do not move parallel to the rope at all. If that was the case, after a bit of time, you would have had a rope that was denser on the tied end. So particle velocity is perpendicular to the wave velocity in a transverse wave. It is equal to (omega) squared times the wave velocity.

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