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Grade: 12th pass
1)how brownian motion can be increased in a gas?
2)what are thermodynamic functions?give examples
3)is it possible to have damped oscillations when a system is at resonance?
4)could we ever construct a simple pendulum?explain
5)why roads are banked at hill stations?
6)prove that grad r =r/r
7)the average speed of air molecules in a room is the order of speed of sound.what is their average velocity?
kindly someone help me out as soon as possible 
8 months ago

Answers : (2)

Vikas TU
10337 Points
Brownian motion is the Random Motion of Particles suspended in a fluid or Gas, It can be increased by the raising  the temperature of . surroundings, By increasing temperature , more particles can be intermixed , and more Brownian motion can be observed.
8 months ago
3008 Points
The fundamental thermodynamic equations follow from five primarythermodynamic definitions and describe internal energy, enthalpy, Helmholtz energy, and Gibbs energy in terms of their natural variables.
7 months ago
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