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Grade: 11


the x and y components of vector a are 4m and 6m respectively .the x and y cmponents of vector A+B are 10m and 9m respectively .find the length of B and angle that B makes with the axis.

5 years ago

Answers : (6)

489 Points
length of B=(36+9)1/2=3(5)1/2
let o be angle made by B with X-axis..........Tano= -2     [Tano=-y/x]
APPROVE IF USEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 years ago
SuDheer Kumar Naidu Vundi
24 Points
how is it possible.....
here angle makes with x axis but not both x and y axis.... how we use tan(theta) here....
i think formula is given cos(theta) or sin(theta)
depends on coordinate system
4 years ago
Pankaj Raajpøøt Thakur
34 Points
							A=4i+6jA+B=10i+9jB=(A+B)-A=6i+3jlength of B=(36+9)1/2=3(5)1/2let o be angle made by B with X-axisthus O=tan^-1(-1/2)     [Tano=-y/x]
3 years ago
11 Points
but, how can it be negative ...i mean tan^-1(-1/2) , also in my book ans is tan^-1(1/2)  can u explain?
3 years ago
Yash k
11 Points
							The above ans for the length of B is correct (45^1/2 or 3(5)^1/2)... But for tan(theta) it would be.. Tan(theta) = By/Bx = 3/6 = 1/2... Therefore, theta = tan^-1(1/2)
3 years ago
Yash Chourasiya
askIITians Faculty
246 Points
							Hello Student

Please see the solution in the attachment.

I hope this answer will help you.
4 months ago
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