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Grade: 11
The angle between A vector +B vector and A vector × B vector is ________
one year ago

Answers : (2)

Sai Gopesh Rayudu Mellamputi
34 Points
Geometrically, A+yields a vector in the plane of and according to the parallelogram law of vector addition. Also, from the right hand thumb rule, cross product of the two vectors would be a vector out of their plane, and also perpendicular to each.
So the angle between the two said expressions is a right angle.
one year ago
231 Points
Considering two vectors A and B,
the cross product is always perpendicular to the plane in which A, B and A+B lies.
This can be found out by using the Right Hand Thumb Rule.
Given: A x B
  1. Use your right hand.
  2. Place your hand along the direction of the first vector (here, A).
  3. Rotate your fingers along the smaller angle between A and B.
  4. The direction of your thumb will point outwards or inwards, which denotes perpendicular to the plane of the two vectors.
one year ago
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