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Grade: 11
Represent the motion of a ball thrown vertically up on a displacemnt time as well as velocity time graph
one year ago

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Velocity time graph of a body thrown vertically upwards can be made by easily once you understand the role of gravity in the motion that is occurring.

In the case when the ball goes upwards the direction of velocity of the ball and the direction of acceleration of gravity are in the opposite directions so the velocity of ball will decrease until it reaches the top and stops momentarily. Eq-> v = u - gt

Then from the peak position the ball will start to descend downwards due to the acceleration due to gravity that is g. Eq-> v = -gt(negative sign is due to the motion in downward direction)

From both the equations you can see that the velocity and time are linearly proportional to each other which is the same as equation of a straight line. So this graph will be an straight line starting from velocity =u on the y axis and slope -g with time as the x axis.


draw a graph y=-mx+c

where, m=acceleration due to gravity

y=instantaneous velocity


c=initial velocity

if g remains constant throughout journey then it is straight line otherwise curved…

one year ago
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