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Is time is vector quantity? If your answer is yes, How?

Is time is vector quantity? If your answer is yes, How?


1 Answers

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3 years ago
Time is indeed a scalar. Your confusion lies in thinking of time as a quantity which has a certain directionality. Which is not ‘wrong’. But technically a vector quantity is something that needs two aspects to be completely defined. On the other hand, time does not require two quantities to be completely described. Think about Temperature, I am sure you will agree that it is a scalar quantity. But then Temperature increases and decreases, doesn`t that mean we need a directionality to be define temperature? See the fallacy in logic there? It is equivalent to try and argue that time is a vector. The only thing you need to completely describe time is its magnitude, all other things such as from when, past of future are irrelevant in the description of time.

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