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I have a doubt in question no. 4th Which I have attached in the image..

I have a doubt in question no. 4th 
Which I have attached in the image..

Question Image
Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Sushant Kumar
42 Points
3 years ago
i can see you are having trouble in understanding the format of the second line
it is nothing but \frac{x}{3}=\frac{y-\frac{1}{3}}{4}=\frac{z-\frac{3}{2}}{5}
as  4x-3y+1=0 and 5x-3z+2=0 are equations of plane and intersection of two plane gives a line
how we get the intersection of two plane is completely a different topic and is now releated to this question hence i am not telling you this and you must ask your teacher
hope this will help

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