can u explain vectors

can u explain vectors



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jaideep sangwan
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11 years ago

those quantities which requires  magnitude and direction both  for their representation and obeys parallelogram law of vector addition are called vectors.these are tensors of rank 1.

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11 years ago


             A Quantity having both magnitude and direction and obeys laws of vector addition is called a vector.

             Examples:Displacement,Velocity,Acceleration etc.,


Product of vectors:1)cross product 2)Dot product


Cross product:

The vector product of any two vectors is also a vector.

properties of cross product:1)Cross product does not obey commutative law.

2)Cross product obeys distributive law.         

srinu kummari
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11 years ago

Vector is a physical quantity which has both magnitude and direction and obeys law of vector addition and follows the laws of vector radiation.

Example:acceleration,force velacity,pressure

yours katarnak Suresh
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11 years ago
Scalar product:
The scalar product or dot product of two vectors A and B, denoted as A.B is defined as A.B=AB cos θ  where, θ is the angle between the two vectors. Since A, B and cosq are scalars, the dot product of A and B is a scalar quantity. Each vector A and B has a direction but their scalar product does not have a direction.
Vector product:
The vector product (cross product) of two vectors A and B is a vector C.
C= A×B = AB sin θ here,
(1)  The magnitude of vector C =C= AB Sinq
(2)  Direction of C is perpendicular to the plane containing A and B

The vector triple product is defined as the cross product of one vector with one cross product of other two.


If A, B and C are three vectors then its vector triple product is given by

A × (B × C) = (A × B) × C = (A · C) B –  (A · B) C


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