is weight a vecor....?

is weight a vecor....?


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11 years ago

Dear vidhya,

                     weight is a vector.Because,weight always acts towards the gravitational attraction of earth.You already know that a vector has both magnitude and direction in class 9.Therefore weight has direction towards earth and has magnitude.

Another important thing is weight changes from one planet to another planet.

G Ashwin -
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10 years ago

To answer you must give consideration to its definition. Vector should have magnitude and direction.


Since, g denotes the direction therefore W is a vector.

But mass is a scalar

Hope you like it

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8 years ago
Yes, it is a vector
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8 years ago
Yes weight is a vector and it acts along the direction of force of gravity 
Shivang Chaubey
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8 years ago
Weight is a vector quantity and mass is a scalar quantity. Weight is always acting towards the centre of the earth and it is depended on the value of accelaration due to gravity.So it varies as the acc due to gravity changes while mass is constant.

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